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Wed Nov 29 17:07:16 UTC 2000

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I've just cut a new patchlevel of DHCP 3.0 Beta 2.   This has been a
long time in coming, largely because I did a three week retreat after
patchlevel 9 and then spent much of the time after I came out of
retreat working on IETF working group issues and other stuff that
didn't contribute directly to the release.   Patchlevel 9 was not a
very good patchlevel, because I was crunched for time just prior to
my retreat, so people have had some pretty bad experiences with it.

I do not promise that patchlevel 10 is completely better, but the
quality level should be much higher - I've done quite a bit more
testing than I had time to do with pl9, and I think the major problems
people had with it have been fixed.   I would greatly appreciate it if
people could grab it and try it out as soon as possible.   I will try
to release a new patchlevel tomorrow or Friday with fixes for whatever
bugs people discover between now and then.

If you have an outstanding bug and it's not fixed in patchlevel 10,
please let me know.   I'm including the pl10 release notes at the
bottom of this message.   If your bug fix isn't listed, please make
sure it's not fixed, and if it's not, resubmit the report.   I will
try to go back through all my mail in the next couple of days and
clear up any remaining issues, but there's a good chance that if you
don't remind me, I'll miss whatever you brought up.   I am aware of
some outstanding failover issues, particularly that DDNS doesn't work
with failover, and that is being worked on, so you don't need to
resubmit those unless you just feel like it.

The release is at:



		Changes since 3.0 Beta 2 Patchlevel 9

- Fix DHCP client handling of vendor encapsulated options.

- Fix a bug in the handling of relay agent information options introduced
  in patchlevel 9.

- Stash agent options on client leases by default, and use the stashed
  options at renewal time.

- Add the ability to test the client's binding state in the client
  configuration language.

- Fix a core dump in the DNS update code.

- Fix some expression evaluation bugs that were causing updates to be
  done when no client hostname was received.

- Fix expression evaluation debugging printfs.

- Teach pretty_print_option to print options in option spaces other than
  the DHCP option space.

- Add a warning message if the RHS of a not is not boolean.

- Never select for more than a day, because some implementations of
  select will just fail if the timeout is too long (!).

- Fix a case where a DHCPDISCOVER from an unknown network would be
  silently dropped.

- Fix a bug where if a client requested an IP address for which a different
  client had the lease, the DHCP server would reallocate it anyway.

- Fix the DNS update code so that if the client changes its name, the DNS
  will be correctly updated.

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