ISC DHCP 3.0.1rc12 now available

David W. Hankins David_Hankins at
Fri Aug 29 21:44:46 UTC 2003

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ISC DHCP 3.0.1 RC12 is now available.  This release candidate fixes a
number of bugs detailed below.

This release is available now from :

			Changes since 3.0.1rc11

- A patch from Steve Campbell was applied with minor modifications to
  permit reverse dns PTR record updates with values containing spaces.

- A patch from Florian Lohoff was applied with some modifications to
  dhcrelay.  It now discards packets whose hop count exceeds 10 by default,
  and a command-line option (-c) can be used to set this threshold.

- A failover bug relating to identifying peers by name length instead of
  by name was fixed.

- Declaring failover configs within shared-network statements should no
  longer result in error.

- The -nw command line option to dhclient now works.

- Thanks to a patch from Michael Richardson:
	- Some problems with long option processing have been fixed.
	- Some fixes to minires so that updates of KEY records will work.

- contrib/ms2isc was updated by Shu-Min Chang of the Intel Corporation.
  see contrib/ms2isc/readme.txt for revision notes.

- Dhclient no longer uses shell commands to kill another instance of
  itself, it sends the signal directly.  Thanks to a patch from Martin

- The FreeBSD dhclient-script was changed so that a failure to write to
  /etc/resolv.conf does not prematurely end the script.  This keeps dhclient
  from looping infinitely when this is the case.  Thanks to a patch from
  Martin Blapp.

- A patch from Bill Stephens was applied which resolves a problem with lease
  expiry times in failover configurations.

- A memory leak in configuration parsing was closed thanks to a patch from
  Steve G.

- The function which discovers interfaces will now skip non-broadcast or
  point-to-point interfaces, thanks to a patch from David Brownlee.

- Options not yet known by the dhcpd or dhclient have had their names
  changed such that they do not contain # symbols, in case they should ever
  appear in a lease file.  An option that might have been named "#144" is
  now "unknown-144".

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