ISC DHCP 3.0.1rc13 is now available

David W. Hankins David_Hankins at
Fri Feb 6 23:04:05 UTC 2004

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ISC DHCP 3.0.1rc13 is now available.  This release candidate fixes a
dhclient FPE bug, and a small number of other bugs detailed below.

This release is available now from :

			Changes since 3.0.1rc12

- Fixed a bug in omapi lease lookup function, to form the hardware
  address for the hash lookup correctly, thanks to a patch from
  Richard Hirst.

- Fixed a bug where dhcrelay was sending relayed responses back to the
  broadcast address, but with the source's unicast mac address.  Should
  now conform to rfc2131 section 4.1.

- Cross-compile bug fix; use $(AR) instead of ar.  Thanks to Morten Brorup.

- Fixed a crash bug in dhclient where dhcpd servers that do not provide
  renewal times results in an FPE.  As a side effect, dhclient can now
  properly handle 0xFFFFFFFF (-1) expiry times supplied by servers.  Thanks
  to a patch from Burt Silverman.

- The 'ping timeout' debugs from rc12 were removed to -DDEBUG only,
  and reformatted to correct a compilation error on solaris platforms.

- A patch was applied which fixes a case where leases read from the
  leases database do not properly over-ride previously read leases.

- dhcpctl.3 manpage was tweaked.

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