ISC DHCP 4.0.0b3 is now available!

David W. Hankins David_Hankins at
Tue Nov 20 00:29:25 UTC 2007

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ISC DHCP 4.0.0b3 is now available for download.  4.0.0 is a feature
release, which primarily contains DHCPv6 protocol support.

In this third BETA release, the client and server are fully functional
and all major protocol compliance issues have been resolved.

There is only one minor known defect which was noticed during testing
after the release had been made, which should not severely impact
testing, and will be corrected in a future release.

A list of the changes in this release has been appended to the end
of this message.  For a complete list of changes from any previous
release, please consult the RELNOTES file within the source
distribution, or on our website:

This release, and its OpenPGP-signatures are available now from:

ISC's Release Signing Key can be obtained at:


	o The DHCPv6 client was found to use its old transaction IDs
	  (eg from its Request) when entering the Renew and Rebind

			Changes since 4.0.0b2

- Clarified error message when lease limit exceeded

- Relative time may now be used as a qualifier for 'allow' and 'deny' access
  control lists.  These directives may be used to assist in re-addressing
  address pools without having to constantly reconfigure the server.  Please
  see 'man dhcpd.conf' for more information on allow/deny 'after time' syntax.
  Thanks to a patch from Christof Chen.

- The server will now include multiple IA_NA's and multiple IAADDRs within
  them, if advertised by the client.  It still only seeks to allocate one
  new address.

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