Invitation: DHCP and BIND 10 BoF at IETF, Prague

Sue Graves sgraves at
Mon Mar 28 00:56:00 UTC 2011

To any of our BIND or DHCP Users who are in Prague for the IETF meetings
- You're invited to the following Birds-Of-A-Feather meeting this


What:  DHCP in BIND 10?  I thought it was just DNS!

Where: Athens Conference Room, Prague Hilton, IETF 80

When: 19:00-20:00 CEDT, Wednesday, March 30

Why: BIND 10 has established a robust framework for DNS. We are planning
a ground-up rework of ISC DHCP, working from and cooperating with this

We thought we didn't need DHCP any more for IPv6, but many operators
have found that not to be the case, and we expect DHCP to continue to be
critical infrastructure well into the future, so we want to make it as
good--as useful, flexible, resource-efficient, and reliable-- as possible.

If you use DHCP today, this is a chance for you to help create DHCP
software that better meets your needs today, and will let you meet your
needs tomorrow.

Snacks will be served!


-- Larissa Shapiro Internet Systems Consortium Product Manager
Technology Leadership for the Common Good +1 650 423 1335

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