ISC DHCP 4.1-ESV-R8b1 is now available

Shawn Routhier sar at
Wed Dec 12 20:12:07 UTC 2012

ISC DHCP 4.1-ESV-R8b1 is now available for download.

This is the first beta release of 4.1-ESV-R8, a patch release for
4.1-ESV.  A list of changes in this release has been appended to
this message.  

A list of changes in this release has been appended to this message.
For a complete list of changes from any previous release please
consult the RELNOTES file within the source distribution or
our website:

This release, and it's OpenPGP-signatures are available now from:

ISC's Release Signing Key can be obtained at:

         Changes since 4.1-ESV-R7

- Update the memory leakage debug code to work with v6.
  [ISC-Bugs #30297]

- Modify the failover code to handle incorrect peer names
  better.  Previously the structure holding the name might
  have been freed inappropriately in some cases and not
  freed in other cases.
  [ISC-Bugs #30320]

- Add a compile time option, enable-secs-byteorder, to deal with
  clients that do the byte ordering on the secs field incorrectly.
  This field should be in network byte order but some clients
  get it wrong.  When this option is enabled the server will examine
  the secs field and if it looks wrong (high byte non zero and low
  byte zero) swap the bytes.  The default is disabled.  This option
  is only useful when doing load balancing within failover.
  [ISC-Bugs #26108]

- Fix a set of issues that were discovered via a code inspection
  tool.  Thanks to Jiri Popelka and Tomas Hozza Red Hat for the logs
  and patches.
  [ISC-Bugs #23833]

- Parsing unquoted base64 strings improved. Parser now properly handles 
  strings that contain reserved names. [ISC-Bugs #23048]

- Modify the nak_lease function to make some attempts to find a
  server-identifier option to use for the NAK.  This feature is
  enabled by defining SERVER_ID_FOR_NAK in includes/site.h and
  currently defaults to disabled.
  [ISC-Bugs #25689]

- The client now passes information about the options it requested
  from the server to the script code via environment variables.
  These variables are of the form requested_<option_name>=1 with
  the option name being the same as used in the new_* and old_*
  [ISC-Bugs #29068]

- Add support for a simple check that the server id in a request message
  to a failover peer matches the server id of the server.  This support
  is enabled by editing the file includes/site.h and uncommenting the
  definition for SERVER_ID_CHECK.  The option has several restrictions
  and issues - please read the comment in the site.h file before
  enabling it.
  [ISC-Bugs #31463]

- Tidy up some compiler issues in the debug code
  [ISC-Bugs #26460]

- Move the dhcpd.conf exmample file to dhcpd.conf.example to avoid
  overwriting the dhcpd.conf file when installing a new version of
  ISC DHCP.  The user will now need to manual copy and edit the
  dhcpd.conf file as desired.
  [ISC-Bugs #19337]

- Remove an unused variable to keep compilers happy
  [ISC-Bugs #31983]

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