Curious lease to/from Apple DHCP Client

Didier Benza Didier.Benza at
Wed Aug 2 09:17:32 UTC 2006

Sten Carlsen wrote :
> This is exactly the pattern I observed when I first connected my (then)
> brand new MAC to my network; during the next week and using far too much
> time I found that the only cure was to switch from an internal tld of
> ".local" to something else ".home". Apple uses .local for some other
> purpose and things go very wrong.
Joerg Mayer wrote :
> On Tue, Aug 01, 2006 at 06:27:34PM +0200, Sten Carlsen wrote:
> Just FYI: .local is a special domainname, see:
> More on this topic:
Thanks to you both for your answers. I have heard of ZeroConf in a 
conference, but I didn't see anything relating to this strange DHCP 
I am not a MacOs geek :-[ ,  the .local tld seem to be only the emerged 
part of an iceberg... Do you know if there is a mean to deactivate 
ZeroConf on a Mac and if it solves this curious behaviour ?


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