Determine DHCP-packet type

Ivan V. Borodin vanchik at
Thu Aug 3 08:33:51 UTC 2006

В ср, 02/08/2006 в 12:46 +0400, Ivan V. Borodin пишет:
> Hello there!
> Has anyone any idea how to determine packet type (DHCPDISCOVER,
> DHCPREQUEST, etc) coming to dhcpd? For example, I try to log some info
> like this:
> log(info, concat("Device type: '", option MOTO.devtype, "'"));
> ('MOTO' is encapsulated option 43)
> Line above logs device type twice: first on DISCOVER, second on REQUEST.
> I think it's reasonable to log it only once.
> Your kind help will be very much appreciated. :)

I found 'option dhcp-message-type', so the problem is solved.

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