Move host from one range to another one

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Aug 4 12:56:25 UTC 2006

Ivan V. Borodin wrote:

>The main idea of this config is to provide a fixed IP-address (one or
>more - due to customer wish) to the hosts in DOCSIS network regardless
>to the PC's HW-address, based only on Cable Modem's MAC-address. The
>pool with 'range;' configured is intended for
>some customers who bought just one IP-address but connected two or more
>PCs, or for temporarily blocked customers. Presumably, all HTTP requests
>(for example) coming from are forwarded to "Registration"
>Let's examine such situation: some customer's PC got IP from this pool,
>then site admin added second 'range' statement into customer's pool.
>How can I make dhcpd to provide new IP (from newly configured range) for
>this PC? I found the only way is to manually delete lease
>from dhcpd.leases file and restart dhcpd (regardless to DHCPDRELEASE
>made by this PC).
>Is there more convenient way to do that?

OK, I think what you are asking is :

If you have :

         pool {allow members of "host0001"; range;}

then change it to :

         pool {allow members of "host0001"; range; range;}

can you make a device which already has change to ?

If that is what you want, then you would need to deny the client from 
using so that it will be offered a different address - 
otherwise it will continue to be offered

You could do this by :

         pool {deny booting; range;}
         pool {allow members of "host0001"; range;}

Next time the client tries to renew it's lease on, the 
server will respond with DHCPNAK. This will cause the client to stop 
using the lease and request a new one, at which point the server can 
offer it


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