dhcp ( & cisco related ) question

Petre Bandac petre at kgb.ro
Tue Aug 8 18:51:16 UTC 2006

I have a network topology which requires me to serve dhcp ip addresses
on several 802.1q vlans 

first question: 

assuming I bring up several dot1q interfaces on the linux box, do I
have to put an ip address from every subnet dhcp serves ? (dhcp server
is not the same box as the gateway, is it possible to make it on a
"broadcast" manner ?)

the main reason of this question (if I put it correctly) is not to lose
so many ip addresses when subnetting - two for net address and
broadcast and two more - one on the router as gw and one for the dhcp

second question:

the dhcp relay feature of the cisco routers enables it as a relay host
for dhcp messages from another server ?

at least that is what I understood from


thanks for your time,



Petre Bandac

Network Scientist

petre at kgb.ro

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