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Glenn Satchell Glenn.Satchell at uniq.com.au
Wed Aug 9 11:36:48 UTC 2006

>Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2006 12:59:34 -0700
>From: Jim Pazarena <paz at qcislands.net>
>To: dhcp-users <dhcp-users at isc.org>
>Subject: dhcpd logging
>is there any way to convert dhcpd logging to avoid
>the system syslog mechanism, and use a file instead?
>I have an appliance where syslogd is turned off to which
>I am also serving dhcp, and would really like the dhcp logs.
>(but nothing else, hence disabling syslogd).
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Assuming bourne shell or bash you can do something like this:

  dhcpd -d 2>/path/to/logfile &

This is from the dhcpd man page:

     To have dhcpd log to the standard error descriptor,  specify
     the  -d flag.  This can be useful for debugging, and also at
     sites where a complete log of all dhcp activity must be kept
     but  syslogd  is  not  reliable or otherwise cannot be used.
     Normally, dhcpd will log  all  output  using  the  syslog(3)
     function with the log facility set to LOG_DAEMON.

and in dhcpd.conf disable syslog by using 

log-facility local7;

and in syslog.conf

local7.none	/dev/null

or perhaps no entries for local7 at all.


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