Spaces in hostnames?

Barry Finkel b19141 at
Wed Aug 9 13:49:05 UTC 2006

sf techguy wrote:
>I'm running an older build of dhcpd (2.0p15), embedded in our 
>snapgear firewall.
>If a dhcp client computer has a space in their computer hostname, then
>the hostname in dhcpd comes up blank. There are so many eople coming
>and going, there's no way for me to maunually enforce a 'no spaces in
>your computer name' policy.
>Is there a way to force this using the server? I.E., tell the server
>something like:
>'if the computer hostname contains a space, replace it with a `_` character?'
>or if there's a space in the hostname, don't assign an ip address?

In DNS an underscore character is not legal in a hostname.
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