dhcp relay - not working.

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Aug 9 19:12:56 UTC 2006

foomail123 wrote:

>However, I have situation
>1) interfaces are not configured when dhcp relay is
>started. How does dhcp relay get refreshed/notified ?I
>modified dhcrelay.c to:
>         discover_interfaces (DISCOVER_UNCONFIGURED);
>but does not work !

Get ifup/down scripts to restart relay whenever an interface changes state ?

>2) I want dhcrelay to listen not on just one but
>a set of interfaces. How do I get this going ?

Do you mean a subset of your interfaces, or all of them ? If you mean 
all of them then I believe your start the relay without specifying 
any interfaces and it will listen on all of them. If you really do 
mean a subset of active interfaces, then again, get your ifup/down 
scripts to call something that will enumerate all the interfaces and 
start the relay with the ones you want and which are up.

That's all I can think of.

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