Problem with dhcp-client on linux with multiple interfaces

Thomas Böhne tobox at
Wed Aug 9 19:59:56 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 02 August 2006 19:12, Thomas Boehne wrote:
> Hello dhcp-gurus,
> I have a NSLU2 box running Debian linux with one network interface
> connected to an AVM Fritz!Box DSL-Router (which the DHCP Server). I am
> using DHCP to configure eth0, and I added two aliases (eth0:fix and
> eth0:fix2) with static IPs (this way I can connect to the NSLU2 at
> home and in the office and always reach it at some fixed addresses,
> while all other networking parameters are set by DHCP. After the
> system boots, this is what ifconfig says (perfectly correct):

After tracking down the bug to dhclient-script, I found out that there
are seem to be known problems with aliases. So I guess I'll try
another dhcp client or change my setup somehow.


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