will dynamic dhcpd.conf be supported in future releases

ashok singh ashokr2k3 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 10 23:02:20 UTC 2006

stopping and starting takes more time than just handling the SIGHUP for dynamic dhcpd.conf. The overall response time in both the cases is my concern.
Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk> wrote: ashok singh wrote:
>when is some signal to dhcpd, it should reread the configuration? 
>Will this be supported in future releases? If yes which release and 
>what by what time will that be available

Don't hold your breath !

It's actually of very limited use, and other than simply dumping 
everything from memory and doing exactly what is achieved by 
stopping/starting then it's a fair bit of work. Given that ISC have 
already stated that the current package is going to have less 
development while they do an IP6 package, I doubt if the feature you 
want is likely any time soon.

Stopping and starting the server isn't exactly a lot of work is it ?

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