Config file size limitation?

Jeff Wieland wieland at
Tue Aug 15 02:21:43 UTC 2006

John Tabasz (jtabasz) wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running V3.0.2 on a Sun platform running Solaris 8. 
> I wrote a perl script that takes input from a file containing hostname,
> MAC address, and IP address. The resultant configuration file fails when
> it is longer than 280 lines. If I trim it to less than that number of
> lines, it compiles. I need a config file that will be closer to 1K lines
> for one of my sites. 
> Is there a config file size limitation?
> ???
> John Tabasz  

There should be no limitation -- I run a couple of Solaris 8 boxes
(V100's) with upwards of 10,000 static assigned IP addresses.  Could
you post a segment of your config file so that we can see it?  What
error message do you get?
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