Static Allocation Not Working

Douglas Armstrong doug at
Wed Aug 16 02:26:45 UTC 2006

 Douglas Armstrong wrote: A pair of things that I seem to remember: 1) Host
statements are global and should not be placed inside a subnet declaration.
2) As fixed addresses are not kept track of in the lease they must be Should
read lease database.

declared in both partners in a fallover configuration. One or the other will
grant the lease and then forget about it. If the first to respond dose not
have the host declaration it will hand it a lease out of the pool for the
subnet. Doug Armstrong[1] Aaron Thompson wrote:
Hey All, Sort of an easy issue I’m sure but I’m getting annoyed and could
usethe help. I searched the archives and this must have been covered but I
couldn’t find it. Working on Static Allocations for a couple of machines on
several subnets. I’m running DHCP Server V3.0.1 in a failover setup. In the
dhcpd.master file on each server here’s the config the isn’t working: (I've
tried a couple of slightly different version of this as go) } }
subnet netmask { option subnet-mask;
option broadcast-address; option routers; pool {
failover peer "dhcp-failover"; deny dynamic bootp clients; range; } host { fixed-address; hardware
ethernet 00:0a:82:d3:49:22; } host { fixed-address; hardware ethernet 00:34:3f:13:4f:eb; } } I’ve stopped the
service and deleted all the leases for each MAC address and restarted the
service but the machines keep on grabbing an address from the pool. I’m not
getting any info from the log’s that I can find, Do I need to add an option
statement in the file? What easy thing I’m I missing? Aaron --
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