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--On August 17, 2006 9:09:53 PM -0500 Steve Wenger 
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> I am currently running a wireless network with over 2ooo clients attached
> to  50 different access points,  I will be reconfiguring the network and
> setting  up different VLANS for each tower location.  I want to use one
> centralized  DHCP server so I need to configure a DHCP server that can
> assign clients  addresses from multiple address blocks both public and
> private based upon  the VLAN that the client is part of.  Can anyone
> point me to some  documentation on how to accomplish this.
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What platform?  Linux and FreeBSD both support an 802.1q/VLAN encapsulation 
driver.  I've used both to run DHCP and they work very well.  They both 
expose an interface to DHCPd, so there's nothing 'special' as far as DHCPd 
is concerned.  In Linux there's an option you have to sometimes set that 
makes sure the Layer2 Ethernet headers are correct in order to make certain 
the DHCPd works.  In any case it's not the DHCPd that does the VLAN 
interface, it's the host OS.

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