Problems with DDNS + Mac OS X as a client

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sun Aug 20 08:26:01 UTC 2006

Jason Lixfeld wrote:

>I'm having a hard time figuring out why everything BUT a Mac OS X 
>client will work with DDNS.

I can assure you that ISC DHCPD + BIND + Mac OS X clients does work just fine.

>   I have Windows XP Clients, Cisco IP 
>Phone, Apple AEBS and Apple AE Clients, my VTech Vonage Phone, my HP 
>Printer; everything gets an IP and DDNS assigned, except the Mac.  
>I've tried with the wireless and wired interfaces, neither work.  Not 
>sure if it's the client, or the server but I think something is off.  
>Actually, looking at this again, it appears that coincidentally, it's 
>only with dhcpd.conf entries that have fixed-address entries.

Then you've identified the problem ! DHCPD does 
not do DDNS updates on static addresses unless 
you set a config option for it. From man 
dhcpd.conf :

           The update-static-leases statement

             update-static-leases flag;

Sten Carlsen wrote:

>Looks very much like these are not the real zone names? One thing that
>is known to break in the presence of OSX(at least some versions) is the
>use of .local as inside tld.
>You figure out if that is applicable for you. If it is, the solution,
>however painful, is to move to another inside tld. At least I have not
>found any other way.

I doubt very much of using '.local' will affect 
DDNS. The problems with using .local are related 
to client lookups and are totally independent of 
what the server(s) are doing. The workaround in 
10.4 is to add .local to the search domains field 
in the network setup.

See for more info.


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