Win XP discover/offer/req/ack loop (Help!)

Alex Moen alexm at
Thu Aug 24 19:12:25 UTC 2006

Jeff and all,

FYI, I never did find a resolution to this problem.  We do notice, however,
the following:

1. If we put a MAC reservation (a host entry) for the affected device, it
immediately acquires that address and is happy with life.
2. Most cards that are affected (including in Jeff's post) seem to be Dell
or Broadcom GigE adapters.  It is not only Dell PC's that have this problem.
3. Different versions of DHCP (to no avail).

What we haven't tried:

1. An OS other than Solaris (Jeff: the Win2k that you tried: a client or
2. A different DHCP server than ISC

My guesses (with absolutely no proof or ability to garner proof): 

1. Bad Win drivers for the affected cards
2. Library problems with Solaris (which is why the Win2k box is interesting)

My DHCP server is NOT in a failover situation, so it seems to be independent
of that portion of code.

Hope this helps... I kind of gave up when we found the host entry solution,
as the network affected is small.  If this would begin on our public
networks, it would gain much more attention from me.


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I'll add that we tried a Win 2000 box on this subnet with
the same results.

Jeff Earickson

On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Jeff A. Earickson wrote:

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> Help!
> Alex Moen posted a query just like mine to the list on 4/21/2006 just 
> like mine, but I didn't find an answer that helped him. I am having 
> the same problem.
> My Setup: version 3.0.4 running on Solaris 9 (primary) and Solaris 10 
> (secondary) boxes.  Failover mode has been running great for months.
> Yesterday our network admin lowered the lease times on some networks 
> and also reduced the pool sizes for some other networks.
> Today one network (not any that were changed yesterday) chokes if Win 
> XP machine are plugged into it.  The loop looks like (for one MAC 
> addr):
> magma dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for ( from 
> 00:14:22:f7:8f:76 (d620-015549) via magma dhcpd: DHCPACK 
> on to 00:14:22:f7:8f:76 (d620-015549) via 
> (repeats ad nauseum, quickly)
> Apple systems have no problems on this network.  If the network guy 
> moves the switch ports to different subnets/vlans then the same 
> machine nicely gets a IP number from the other subnet. The problem is 
> only with one subnet.
> I stopped both DHCP servers, cleaned out all leases for subnet 
> 137.146.202 from the lease file (I have a perl script to do this), 
> copied the new lease file to the secondary, restarted the secondary, 
> then restarted the primary.  Subnet 202 went right back to its bad 
> behavior.
> What is the problem??  The fix??  Help!!
> Jeff Earickson
> Colby College

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