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Tue Dec 12 14:26:51 UTC 2006

Thank you for summarizing this.  Very helpful.
With regards to differentiating the PXE boot, how would one do so ?

>>> Simon Hobson <dhcp1 at> 12/11/2006 6:46 PM >>>

>We have a remote site using PXE to image workstations.
>What we're seeing is the initial PXE boot (with a certain uid) is
>causing a lease to be written to the leases file as active.
>After the image is laid down and the machine boots the second time,
>machine sends another Discover using a different uid, getting a
>different lease.
>I understand this is correct behavior per RFC, but have read that
>is widely acknowledged to be an implementation PIA.
>What's fuzzy to me after searching the archives is what everyone
>to be options currently to this dilemna for me.
>I've heard of patches, but can't seem to find them...other options ?

Options :

1) Configure short lease times, at least for those leases acquired by 
PXE boot - at least then they can be easily re-used.

2) Allow enough IPs to allow for them and just accept it.

3) Configure your clients so they all use the same ClientID. If one 
of the OSs is Windows then you'll have to make the rest match that 
(it's fixed at <hardware type>:<MAC address>).

4) Wait till version 3.1 comes out that will have a config option to 
change how the client is identified.

5) Use the patches (no, I don't know where they are) that fill in the 
ClientID with the value Windows uses if it is empty.

6) Persuade Microsoft to change their DHCP Client ;-)

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