once lease per client is not working

VKR V rvkr2005 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 17 15:01:51 UTC 2006

Interesting. If client gets the same IP again and again by enabling one-lease-per-client (besides enabling deny duplicates) then there is another problem described below -
  Once client gets IP address and then if it is rebooted it sends DHCPDISCOVER message (without requesting for previously allocated IP) to DHCP server. The server in-spite of have the info about client ID and MAC in lease file and lease time is not expired, it allocates new IP.
  Am I missing something?
Douglas Armstrong <doug at ovationdata.com> wrote:
  VKR V wrote:
> The meaning of one-lease-per-client is client will get new address after each exipry.
Wrong. One Lease per client means the same Client ID or MAC will not 
reecive more than one IP (if for example there is a RAS client running 
it will not get 10 ips.)
The server will go through loops to make sure the client always recive 
the same IP once it receives it once.

Doug Armstrong

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