agent.circuit-id as dhcp-client-identifier

Frode Nordahl frode at
Mon Dec 18 18:08:23 UTC 2006


I am setting up ISC DHCPD to serve up addresses for xDSL clients. Our  
equipment provides network-wide unique information about each client  
in the agent.circuit-id option.

We need to support dynamic allocation as well as static allocation,  
and would like to make this as flexible as possible, and avoid  
setting aside separate pools or reserve space for static allocation.

After reviewing documentation and doing alot of tests, it is clear to  
me that one get's the most out of ISC DHCPD by eithier identifying  
the clients with the hardware ethernet address or dhcp-client- 

Using hardware ethernet address is a non-option as our customer might  
switch his CPE without us knowing it.

With some creative use of classes we have a somewhat working setup  
that does what we want based on the circuit-id, but I would really  
like to benefit from all of ISC DHCPDs functionality by using  
supported attributes.

Is it possible to configure ISC DHCPD to set dhcp-client-identifier  
to the value of agent.circuit-id before further processing incoming  

Frode Nordahl

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