agent.circuit-id as dhcp-client-identifier

Frode Nordahl frode at
Mon Dec 18 22:55:18 UTC 2006

On 18. des. 2006, at 20.05, Simon Hobson wrote:

>> Is it possible to configure ISC DHCPD to set dhcp-client-identifier
>> to the value of agent.circuit-id before further processing incoming
>> requests?
> Not yet ! It's been discussed quite a lot if you check the list  
> archives.
> Version 3.0.x doesn't - unless you want to hack the source.
> version 3.1 has I believe the ability to set the identifier selection
> code. The default is match first value ( client-id, hardware) the
> same as version 3.0.x, but you could change this to match first value
> ( agent.circuit-id, client-id, hardware) in version 3.1 to achieve
> what you want.
> Version 3.1 is currently in alpha.

I found the discussion you referred to here:

But I was not able to find this in the current released alpha source  
code. Has there been time for work on this feature? Can I do anything  
to help? :-)

Frode Nordahl

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