domain-search garbage in format string

Kingsmill, Geoff geoff.kingsmill at
Fri Dec 22 22:14:49 UTC 2006

I just tried to use the new dhcp option 119 (domain-search) feature in the
dhcp 3.1.0a2 kit.
Unfortunately I cannot get it to work. When I run dhclient I get the error:-
Domain-search: garbage in format string: D
Domain-search: 8 extra bytes

A network trace shows the dhcp option 119 data as

HEX-DATA:  77     08     02     68 70 03     63 6f 6d 00
FORMATTED: option 8bytes 2bytes h  p  3bytes c  o  m  end
           119    total

If I have read RFC3397 correctly then this looks correct.

Can anyone provide any insight as to why this is failing?


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