filename="yaboot" not used

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sun Dec 31 23:03:11 UTC 2006

Carl Karsten wrote:
>I am trying to setup netbooting on a PPC mac.  I have done it for 
>x86 boxes, so
>I know the rest of it, but I am missing something in my dhcpd.conf:
>filename="pxelinux.0" ;
>host adocentyn{
>          hardware ethernet 00:03:93:66:D6:6A ;
>          option host-name "adocentyn" ;
>          fixed-address ;
>          filename="yaboot" ;
>          nextserver="" ;
>It gets the IP, but Ethereal shows pxelinux.0, not yaboot.

Can you post the full dhcpd.conf ?

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