single or multiple range statement

George C. Kaplan gckaplan at
Tue Jul 4 01:19:31 UTC 2006

Simon Hobson wrote:

> However, you would be better advised to use :
>       range
>       range
> and so on
> The reason is that there are some faulty IP stacks out in the real 
> world which are written on the assumption that things are using class 
> C networks - hence .0 would be the network, and .255 the broadcast 
> address. SInce there are a small number of devices that can't cope 
> with having a .0 or .255, it will save hassles to avoid them in case 
> you ever get one of these devices on your network.

Is this really a problem nowadays?  We have a few address pools that
span a /24 boundary, and we haven't bothered to skip over the .0 and
.255 addresses.  I don't recall ever getting trouble report for any of
these addresses.  Has anyone else on this list run across clients
(recently) that couldn't handle a .0 or .255 address?

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