dhcp failover

Glenn Satchell Glenn.Satchell at uniq.com.au
Thu Jul 6 15:56:33 UTC 2006

>Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 19:34:23 +0400
>From: "Tony Aldo" <tony.aldo at gmail.com>
>To: dhcp-users at isc.org
>Subject: Re: dhcp failover
>I'm using HA because the cluster is running other services like ntpd, httpd.
>I'm not too concerned about ping not getting through. The DHCP cluster is
>going to be serving IP Set Top Boxes running some sort of linux kernel.
>The leases are set to expire once a month which is plenty of time to detect
>a node failure.
>Even so HA is set up to give node 1 priority
>I hope its ok now, or atleast not as bad.

If you've already got a cluster for other services then it makes good
sense to use it for dhcp too.

With that sort of lease time I'd suggest you copy your conf and leases
file every hour or so from the master to the backup server. Then if
there's a switchover you'll be pretty close to what's out there on the
clients. It's certainly going to be better than not copying it at all.
And the overheads of doing it hourly, even for a very large file,
should be quite ok.


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