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>what is the argument to specify the tftp server address?
Hi Joey

There are two different options that can do this. The one you probably
want is "next-server".

man dhcpd.conf
     The next-server statement

       next-server server-name;

       The next-server statement is  used  to  specify  the  host
       address  of  the  server  from which the initial boot file
       (specified in the filename statement)  is  to  be  loaded.
       Server-name  should  be  a  numeric IP address or a domain

man dhcp-options
     option tftp-server-name text;

       This option is used to identify a TFTP server and, if sup-
       ported  by  the client, should have the same effect as the
       server-name declaration.   BOOTP clients are  unlikely  to
       support  this  option.  Some DHCP clients will support it,
       and others actually require it.

There are examples of usage in the man pages and the archives, eg:


option tftp-server-name "";
option tftp-server-name "";

Note that next-server takes a server name or IP address as the
parameter. A name is resolved by dhcp and the IP address
forwarded in the response.

option tftp-server takes a text string, so it should be
enclosed in quotes and be in a form that the client will be able to
understand. If you use a hostname it must be able to be resolved by the
tftp client at boottime.


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