a new dhcp leases parser is available ...

Sébastien CRAMATTE s.cramatte at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 10 14:43:55 UTC 2006


With help of the community ;)
I've done a new dhcpd lease parser that use  File::Tail  module and 
mysql database
Unfortunately  this module needs some hack to work  ($/  operator not 
supported).  So I've made a tricked version just for my needs....

Some others module are required (syslog, dbi, mysql, error,...)  I've 
test it on debian sarge only ...
It can run as daemon  too ...

You can download the archive from

I've added a basic failover support in case of mysql server is done.
Database insertions are automatically queued to the local filesystem if 
the database becomes unreachable for any reason

This project do exactly what I need but it's not easy to install, and I 
don't like it's architecture ... so I've decided to rewrite mine ;)

For mine,  I've used the same database structure and frontend. I've just 
rewrite the main parser in perl
The php frontend need some tweaks and is not xhtml compliant but works 
quite well (Maybe I will rewrite a better one later).

If anyone can test this leases parser and maybe give me a hand ?
All contribs and fixes are welcome ...


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