DDNS Updates

Eustace, Glen G.Eustace at massey.ac.nz
Tue Jul 11 21:42:20 UTC 2006

While continuing to try to track down our issues with the leases being
allocated in our Macintosh labs, I have been digging around in our
script that synchronised the static DNS resources with our management

I have noted that event though I have set the 'ddns-hostname' in all the
dhcpd.conf host declarations, I am still getting A records for names
like 'ILOH345LGP50002.massey.ac.nz' and 'it019037\032.massey.ac.nz'
which I can only presume are coming from the hostname in the request. It
was my understanding that the ddns-hostname was supposed to take
precedence over anything supplied by the client.

I can not find any 'Added new forward map from' entry in the logs to
indicate to confirm the ddns from dhcpd but if I delete them, they seem
to end up coming back again. Whilst they may not be coming from dhcpd, I
can not find any other possible source. E.g. the ILO Id in the first
example is internal to the ILO interface and not recorded anywhere else.

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