DDNS Updates

Eustace, Glen G.Eustace at massey.ac.nz
Thu Jul 13 03:19:33 UTC 2006

> Yes, that should be the case.  The ddns-hostname option is a pick() by
> default, but if configured either in global or lower scopes 
> those configs should take precedence.  One experiment might be to set 
> ddns-hostname in the global scope to something obviously configured by

> yourself (so there is no backup pick()).

I believe I have eliminated the possibility of the clients updating
their own entries, the zone definition being
zone "massey.ac.nz" {
   type master;
   allow-update {;;;;;
   file "massey.ac.nz";

This lists only our DHCP servers.

The subnet {} definition includes
ignore client-updates;
And does NOT include a pool so only specifically configured hosts should
get a response.

Here is an example of what I am seeing.

Jul 13 13:51:27 alb-net1 dhcpd: DHCPOFFER on to
00:14:c2:0b:e0:2a (ALB-LT-L212-01) via
Jul 13 13:51:27 alb-net1 dhcpd: Added new forward map from
alb-lt-l212-01.massey.ac.nz. to
Jul 13 13:51:28 alb-net1 dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for
( from 00:14:c2:0b:e0:2a (ALB-LT-L212-01) via
Jul 13 13:51:28 alb-net1 dhcpd: DHCPACK on to
00:14:c2:0b:e0:2a (ALB-LT-L212-01) via 

   host alb-lt-l212-01 {
      ddns-hostname alb-lt-l212-01;
      option host-name "alb-lt-l212-01";
      hardware ethernet 00:14:c2:0b:e0:2a;

What I got in the dns was;
ALB-LT-L212-01.massey.ac.nz. A

Which seems to imply to me that the client hostname was used rather than
the ddns-hostname.

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