syslog: "ip length 328 disagrees with bytes received 332"

Adalbert Netzer adeln at
Thu Jul 13 15:12:04 UTC 2006

Hello to all!

System info:
debian stable with vanilla kernel and self compiled
dhcpd-3.0.4, 3 Intel-gigabit-NICs with newest modul e1000 from Intel
Homepage (version 7.1.9)

My Problem:
the syslogs are full of the messages like this:
"dhcpd: ip length 328 disagrees with bytes received 332"
"dhcpd: accepting packet with data after udp payload"

I've never seen something like that. Google told me that it could be a
Problem with the network-interface.

Does anyone know that problem?
Intel Gigabit-NICs schould be so rare. I don't see any alternatives than
using the driver from Intel.
Any ideas?


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