Command-line tool for simulating broken DHCP clients

Ragnar Lonn ragnar at
Thu Jul 13 15:12:33 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I've written a small utility program, similar to DHCPing, that I use to
simulate broken/strange DHCP client behaviour. I thought someone
might find it useful so I've put it up for download here:

I wrote it because I needed to be able to generate really bad DHCP
traffic and I couldn't find any way to get either dhclient or DHCPing
to do that. With "dhcptool" you can specify mostly everything about the
packets you're sending - from all the DHCP options, BOOTP fields,
MAC destination address, IPv4 source/destination, etc.

The program is completely free of any logic, and will just create and
send DHCP request packets for you, plus optionally listen for and print
server replies to stdout. This means that it's easy to create a simple DHCP
client by using e.g. a shellscript for the logic and dhcptool for the 
creation, sending and receiving of packets.

Should work on most Unix-like systems, as long as you can get hold of
a working libnet and libpcap.

Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.



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