Can't 'dhcpd -d' in background ?

David W. Hankins David_Hankins at
Thu Jul 13 17:27:58 UTC 2006

Comitted for 3.0.5 and 3.1.0:

hcf:~/proj/isc/DHCP/server:57$ cvs diff -u
cvs diff: Diffing .
Index: dhcpd.8
RCS file: /proj/cvs/prod/DHCP/server/dhcpd.8,v
retrieving revision 1.23
diff -u -r1.23 dhcpd.8
--- dhcpd.8     24 Feb 2006 23:16:31 -0000      1.23
+++ dhcpd.8     13 Jul 2006 17:24:54 -0000
@@ -193,7 +193,8 @@
 complete log of all dhcp activity must be kept but syslogd is not
 reliable or otherwise cannot be used.   Normally, dhcpd will log all
 output using the syslog(3) function with the log facility set to
+LOG_DAEMON.  Note that -d implies -f (the daemon will not fork
+itself into the background).
 Dhcpd can be made to use an alternate configuration file with the
 .B -cf

Sorry for not much more detail.  I would guess it doesn't fork
because this is useful to the kind of debugging being done when
the option was produced.  It makes some sense: you know when
the daemon exits this way rather immediately, and you're probably
running it under gdb anyway.

On Thu, Jul 13, 2006 at 05:27:40AM -0700, Joe Bill wrote:
>   Tried 'dhcpd -d -f', just in case. Unfortunately, dhcpd still won't run in the background.

-f doesn't toggle the state, it sets it explicitly to false.

so -d -f is redundant.

>   So, how do you do it, running 'dhcpd - d' in background ? If you can't, 

& is the only way of which I'm aware.

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