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I agree with Simon's comments. Though I have no experience with the DHCP 
server, I have been following it for quite some time. The ISC version of 
Bind has been an excellent product, which we have been using for years in 
our Microsoft AD environment.
Are you planning to make the new DHCP server available on the Windows 
platform? A lot of us are not using the current version due to this 


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Re: ISC DHCP Futures

David W. Hankins wrote:

>The good news, and the reason that we're doing that, is that as of
>more or less right now we are focusing all of our resources on
>the development of a stateful DHCPv6 client and server, which we
>will release to the public under BSD license.

That is excellent news.

I believe it will be good for future development of the IP4 dhcp 
tools as well as I'm sure there will be things done for the IP6 
project that will find their way into the IP4 package.

>It is our privelege to be asked to provide this service to the
>community, and to be given the means to accomplish it.  We're very
>excited to be involved in one of the major stumbling blocks of IPv6

And I believe it shows recognition of the part the ISC has played by 
providing two such fundamental tools for the internet - dhcp and bind.


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