windows DHCP to ISC DHCP migration

Aaron Bennett abennett at
Mon Jul 17 20:45:47 UTC 2006


I'm investigating a migration path from a single-point-of-failure 
windows 2000 dhcp server to a setup with two Linux boxes running ISC 
DHCP with DHCP Failover protocol.  Configuring the ISC server seems 
reasonably straightforward; but I'm frustrated trying to figure out how 
to move our existing setup from Win2K to ISC DHCP.  We've got the usual 
organically complicated setup with 20+ scopes, tons of subnets, leases, 
etc and, at the least, I need to move all of the existing leases.  
Ideally I can move it all.

Now in a sane world, you'd export the DHCP configuration into a nice 
little text file, use some script-fu to edit that file and get it in the 
format that ISC dhcp supports, and presto!  In Windows-world, I can't 
figure a way to export the $#@$ setup except for one scope at a time.  
Anyone ever do this?  Migrating DHCP from Windows to Linux seems like 
such an inherently wise, sane thing to do that I assumed a lot of people 
would have done it. 


Aaron Bennett

Aaron Bennett
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Clark University ITS
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