partner-down state, still getting "peer holds all free leases"

Ben Beuchler insyte at
Mon Jul 24 22:56:18 UTC 2006

I have a pair of V3.0.4b2 DHCP servers running in failover mode.  Last
night one of 'em died with a hardware problem.  It didn't occur to me
to put the other peer in 'partner-down' mode until we started running
out of leases.  I did so by shutting down the server and editing the
dhcpd.leases file so the failover entry looked like this:

failover peer "zaphod" state {
  my state partner-down;
  partner state normal at 3 2006/04/19 23:16:49;
  mclt 600;

The logs seem to show that it was recognizing the change:

Jul 24 16:44:01 swozzle dhcpd: failover peer zaphod: I move from
partner-down to startup
Jul 24 16:44:04 swozzle dhcpd: failover peer zaphod: I move from
startup to partner-down

Our MCLT is set to 600.  As I understood it, once that period elapsed
the remaining peer should take over the leases that were once owned by
the down peer.  However, 45 minutes later I'm still seeing a ton of
"peer holds all free leases" messages.

Out of desperation, I downed the remaining server and reconfigured it
to operate in standalone mode.

Am I misunderstanding the failover process?  Or have I misconfigured
it in some way?

Unfortunately I can't show you the config on the primary server, as it
is not bootable until I get a new PSU for it.  This is the non-shared
part of the secondary config:

failover peer "zaphod" {
  port 667;
  peer address;
  peer port 666;
  mclt 600;



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