diable loging

redhat redhat at techspace.nl
Wed Jul 26 07:58:39 UTC 2006

i want do disable te log file this is what i'v done
> In dhcpd.conf:
>  log-facility local1;
> In syslog.conf:
>  local1.*    /dev/null
> but there are stil log entrys in messages  if i cange .dev.null  in a 
> file dhcp.log  logging
> entrys  are made in messages and  dhcp.conf

You probably have another line in your syslog.conf file that has a
disposition for the "local1" service. Something like:

    *.info;mail.none;authpriv.none;cron.none    /var/log/messages

is common. The "*.info" includes "local1" since there is no corresponding
"local1.none" on the line.

I have restarted al the services syslog dhcpd

this is mij syslog file i changed local1.*  to local6.*
no change this is mij syslog

# Log all kernel messages to the console.
# Logging much else clutters up the screen.
#kern.*                            /dev/console

# Log anything (except mail) of level info or higher.
# Don't log private authentication messages!
*.info;mail.none;authpriv.none;cron.none    /var/log/messages

# The authpriv file has restricted access.
authpriv.*                        /var/log/secure

# Log all the mail messages in one place.
# mail.*                            -/var/log/maillog
mail.err                                          -/var/log/maillog

# Log cron stuff
cron.*                            /var/log/cron

# Everybody gets emergency messages
*.emerg                            *

# Save news errors of level crit and higher in a special file.
uucp,news.crit                        /var/log/spooler

# Save boot messages also to boot.log
local7.*                        /var/log/boot.log

local6.*                /dev/null

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