Autoconfiguring level 2 visibility between subnets in a shared network?

Gonzalo HIGUERA DÍAZ gonhidi at
Thu Jul 27 17:00:20 UTC 2006


I was wondering the following: given that a shared-network statement
group subnets that share a broadcast domain (or am I wrong here?),
wouldn't it be useful if a lease obtained for a host in one of those
subnets carried would include information about the rest of the
link-local subnets? In this way, a DHCP-enabled host in would be able to talk at level 2 to hosts in (asuming both subnets were defined in a shared-network
and really had level 2 visibility). Am I foolish for wanting such an
option, is the DHCP protocol or its implementations the limiting
factor, or have I just not been looking well enough?

Gonzalo HIGUERA DÍAZ <gonhidi at>

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