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garry saddington garry at
Fri Jul 28 10:22:26 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-07-28 at 11:53 +0200, Shane Kerr wrote:
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> garry saddington wrote:
> > I am trying to set up load balancing using LVS-DR and need to start DHCP
> > on an alias interface - eth0:240. Is this possible or am I wasting my
> > time.
> > I am getting this:
> > No subnet declaration for eth0:240 (
> It is possible on some operating systems, although probably not on all. I just
> confirmed that I can run with an alias interface on a Linux 2.6 system.

I am using 2.6 on Ubuntu

> The message you reported says that the DHCP server thinks that the interface is
> configured with address
> If the message is correct, that might be the reason it is failing.
> If it is not correct, maybe you can show us an ifconfig output, and/or tell us
> more about the specific setup?

Sorry I meant the lo interface - lo:240, but I could use eth0:240
instead. All the config can be seen in a preliminary write-up at:

Kind Regards
Garry Saddington

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