update different subnet in different zone

kalyanasundaram S s.kalyanasundaram at inbox.com
Fri Jun 2 08:05:39 UTC 2006

yah well thanks,
 that works  fine.
 I was confusing that while allocating the address how the dhcp server updates the corresponding zone. 
So just a clarrification

  if server allocates IP from one subnet it looks for "ddns-domainname" and update the corresponding zone 
  if not found go to higher level (or global) and again look for ddns-domainname option.
  If none found no update will be made?..

am i correct?
where all i can have this ddns-domainname option (inside => subnet,pool,group,sharednetwork,host) in all these places  are possible to have ddns-domainname option?


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> kalyanasundaram S wrote:
>>   i have two zones.
>>   I have two subnet declaration. I want to update one subnet details
> >in one zone and other subnet in other zone.. How do i decalare the
> >zone information in dhcpd.conf file?..
> You mean, one subnet is somedomain.com, the other subnet is
> someotherdomain.net ?
> Just declare the ddns-domainname in each subnet, like :
> subnet ....
>    ddns-domainname = "somedomain.com" ;
>    ....
> }
> subnet ....
>    ddns-domainname = "someotherdomain.net" ;
>    ....
> }

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