dhcpd lease problems?

Kim Halavakoski kimmen at aland.net
Tue Jun 6 10:34:22 UTC 2006

I am running a DHCP server for a /24 network and have some problems  
with IP-addres conflicts and started wondering if I have made a  
mistake in my dhcp.conf configuration.
We are running both static and dynamic addresses and the static hosts  
have been declared with a host declaration and dynamic addresses are  
assigned from a pool like the following configuration:

subnet netmask {
	option subnet-mask;
	option domain-name-servers,;
	option domain-name "example.com";
	option routers;

	pool {
		failover peer "dhcp-peer";
		deny dynamic bootp clients;
		default lease time 3600;
		max-lease-time 85400;

host hostname1 {
	hardware ethernet 00:0f:1f:87:45:79;

host hostname2 {
	hardware ethernet 00:0f:1f:87:45:79;

and so forth...

If a need arises for static address for a host I have just added a  
host declaration for that host and MAC to the dhcp.conf.
Now it seems like dhcpd is giving out leases from the range and sometimes assigns even the IP-addresses that  
I have put in as host declarations for the static hosts...

How is this supposed to work? Should dhcpd be able to see that it   
doesn't assing out a dynamic address from the range configured IF  
there is a host declaration for that IP? Or should I try to change  
the pool range to and then assign the host  
declarations between -

I have read the manuals and HOWTOs but I cannot find anywhere where  
it says how this is handled, should dynamic and static addressa  
allocation IPs be in separate pools or not? Examples usually have  
them separated but  thats the only indication I have found..

Appreciate any help,
Kim Halavakoski

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