not configured to listen on any interface

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Wed Jun 7 05:51:35 UTC 2006

>Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 19:47:19 -0800
>From: kalyanasundaram S <s.kalyanasundaram at>
>Subject: not configured to listen on any interface
>To: dhcp-users at
>Once it happened to me when the server was not having an IP address.
>i have a set up with me (two system) there is no router .
>so i do subnet declaration what ever i want(the subnet range).
>I was working on some other real network. It has and other few 
systems in the same subnet
>are used as client. So in that i did subnet declaration as i got 
this error.
>so i have changed the subnet declaration to then it worked.
>what is happening, am i missing some basic understanding?
>i beleive the dhcp server can maintain cross subnet too.
>plz somebody explain what is happeneing...
>thanks in advance,
>  -"kalyan"

dhcpd requires a correct definition of your network configuration. If
you just "make up" a subnet range, then the system has to, for example,
be able to route packets to that network.

One requirement for this is a subnet declaration for evey interface
that dhcpd will listen on. If you have a server subnet with no clients
on that subnet then you can use an empty declaration, eg:

subnet netmask { }

With a simple setup and only two hosts and no routers, then they must
both be on the same subnet to communicate. This is a fundamental
requirement of TCP/IP.

If you want to use as the network, then you need to give
your dhcp server an address in this network too. This could be an alias
or the primary IP address.


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