client options not appended

Chris Zimmermann cbzimmermann at
Wed Jun 7 07:29:34 UTC 2006

For instance, DHO_ROUTERS and DHO_NAME_SERVERS are requested options  
in the DHCPINFORM, bu the DHCPACK inresponse to this frame does not  
include them.  The DHCPOFFER response to a DHCPDISCOVER frame does  
have these options provided.

How do I get these options to be included in a DHCPINFORM?

On Jun 5, 2006, at 11:44 PM, Chris Zimmermann wrote:

> I'm using dhcpd v3.0.3 and I have a client who sets his IP address
> manually and uses DHCP to request other option, such as subnet mask,
> routers, and DNS servers.
> The client sends a DHCPINFORM, and dhcpd sends an ACK.  But the
> requested client options are not in the ACK message.
> Is this a bug or a configuration issue?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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> Chris Zimmermann
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