Creating expressions to set hostname of client

Aaron Randall aaron.randall at
Wed Jun 7 09:29:11 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I have figured out the flags I need to get the DHCP server to set the 
hostname of a DHCP Client.  My only issue is how to use the "option 
host-name" option.  In the manual pages is says that the syntax is 
"option host-name = expression", and an example is "option host-name = 
binary-to-ascii(16,8,"-",substring(hardware,1,6));".  Can anyone explain 
how this expression is constructed? And how I could change this to my 
expression set the hostname to a fixed string followed by the last octet 
of the IP it is given, for example, if the client receives an IP of it would receive a hostname of "server88", a client with 
IP would receive "server89".

Many thanks :)


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