make the client to send host name

Douglas Armstrong doug at
Wed Jun 7 12:19:17 UTC 2006

 Depends on your distro. on redhat/fedora you set it in
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth? with the statement
DHCP_HOSTNAME=hostname. A quick google should show you the correct format
foryour distro.
Doug Armstrong[1]

kalyanasundaram S wrote: kalyanasundaram S wrote: How do i make the client
tosend its host name to dhcpserver so that it gets updated in ddns. Till now
i was using the host declaration like host test { hardware wthernet 00:11..
ddns-hostname "testmachine"; } but i dont want this declaration i want to
update the original host name of the client in ddns. It is not getting
updated. Which client ? WIndows and Mac OS both send their configured
machinename, as do a oh bydefult windows and Mac will send their host name.
good. but i use linx as client.. few others. For the ISC client, I believe
you'll need to set this in the client config file. where is that file
located. which option should i change? thanks, -"kalyan" 

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