ddns-update-style none; within pools

Ray Phillips r.phillips at jkmrc.com
Thu Jun 8 00:27:59 UTC 2006

I wonder if a future version of the ISC's dhcp server might allow 
ddns updates to be disabled within pools, please?

We're running version 3.0.4 and dhcpd.conf has  ddns-update-style 
interim;  in the global scope.  I tried inserting  ddns-update-style 
none;  in a pool but it seemed to have no effect.  It would be handy 
if it did though since all the RAS clients on our WinNT server, which 
are restricted to one pool, supply the same client hostname which in 
turn generates many "... FAILED: Has an A record but no DHCID, not 
mine."  errors in the log file.


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