Multiple leases

Eustace, Glen G.Eustace at
Thu Jun 8 02:56:07 UTC 2006

Having spent sometime looking at a couple of packets traces, 1 of a Hard
Disk boot and one a Net Boot of the same Macintosh, the only difference
I can see that may effect the initial lease allocation is a field in the
DISCOVER that Ethereal calls 'Transaction Id'. In the HD boot it is
0x00003c3f and in the netboot case it is 0x00003bdd. The OFFER from the
dhcp server is x.x.217.189 in the first case and x.x.217.162 in the
other. Comparing the entries in the leases file, both have the same
'uid' but the ddns-txt entry is different first starts with '008c' and
the other '318c'.

The only other difference in the sequence is that the Apple Xserve
responds to the initial DISCOVER in the second case before the dhcp
server but it does not include IP info just boot file info.  The client
thus sends out a DISCOVER and gets 2 OFFERs in succession, I presume
that the result from the clients perspective is to merge both sets of
attributes. In both cases the client sends a REQUEST for the offered IP
numbers and in both cases, that request is ACK'ed

At this stage I am none the wiser.


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