How can I setup very detailled log for DHCPD ?

Sébastien CRAMATTE s.cramatte at
Fri Jun 9 14:18:12 UTC 2006


How can I setup very detailled log for DHCPD ? Maybe I need to recompile 
it ?
I'm currently working on Freevps project that allow to install DHCP 
server inside Virtual Private Server.

Sometimes in DHCP log appear  this error

Jun 5 14:44:59 dhcp-modems dhcpd: DHCPACK on xx.xx.xx.xx to 
00:00:00:00:00:00 via eth43
Jun 5 14:46:59 dhcp-modems dhcpd: receive_packet failed on eth43: 
Network is down

So we believe that this is due to VPS Mac Address problem. Free vps 
generate a new random Mac Address on each VPS start.
So if dhcp relay or dhcp clients send data to the old Mac Address. I 
will try to force static Mac Addresss in each VPS  that use DHCPD.

We could test it like ut it should be far better to have very detailled 
log  to understand all.

When I compile the DHCPD 3.0.4 ./configure script seems that doesn't 
allow to add debug informations.

Thanks for your help

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